journey through deep forests, fight magical beasts, meet mysterious beings, and explore the new and dark world. you don't know who you are or what you're doing. you just know there's not much to light your path.

rated PG-13 for heavy subjects.

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The game is so well describe, I like the font you're using.

I really enjoyed this, and it's so inspiring to see that there's so much you can do with twine! I've just started experimenting with it for my first game, and there's tons I want to go back and try after playing this. The story was interesting and engaging, and I could really picture the different locations. I like the fact that it's separated into acts and lets me save and come back later. I also really like your choice of color and font - and your map! Such a cool game :)

GORGEOUS! This is one of the most sophisticated and elegant twine games I've ever seen. The descriptions and characters just pull you right into this dark, beautiful world. I love everything about this!


i really really loved this game!!! the writing was beautiful and it had a really cool vibe....i love it


This is one of the coolest, and the only, fantasy-text based game I have ever played. However among the many text based adventures I have divulged into, none had the storytelling quality this did. I believe the adjectives and the colorful language helped portray the world you wished to create. At first I was a bit unsure of it, but after the witch's house, I became fully confident in your abilities to shape the surroundings through my mind. My favorite part was definitely the second chapter fighting the Kraken in the lonely abyss. The descriptions along that harrowing boat ride were absolutely delightful. The RPG elements of this game are fantastic, although I never took any damage, it reminds me of the adventure books  I'd flip through MANY years ago. This is charming in both the narrative and actual gaming aspects. I will be continuing to read this away in my own time, however left it open for any to continue where I left off. You are a fantastic writer, and I hope there is more to come!